About This Website

Late in 2011 Burton Upon Stather Parish council decided that as most people are now ‘on-line’ and websites have become arguably the fastest and most important information resource available to us, it was time this technology was fully embraced. For us to do this a modern, dynamic and more accessible website would be required.

Following this decision, a website sub committee was set up to discuss what would be required and how this could be achieved. Perhaps the most important part of this process was that the site should be a content managed system (cms) so that once the main frame of the site was designed, any trained member of the council can quickly access and alter information thus keeping the site fully up to date. For instance the council minutes would be on the website within hours of being approved by the council, or if the circumstances of a public event should change, such as cancellation etc, it can be added to the news section in an instant.

This would also mean that we would not be relying on one person to manage the site, so if someone is sick or leaves the council there is always at least 2 others trained to update the site and keep things on track. Another important decision was building in an advertising facility for local business.

By supporting local business with low cost advertising it is hoped that over the expected life of the site the revenue gained from this will fund the production costs and hopefully future development. Internet technology moves fast and future development costs was something we also had to factor in if we were to achieve our long term goals.

Early in 2012 quotes were invited and Leeds based designer Simon Brentford was chosen for his clear simplistic approach and proven track record in web design. From then Simon and the website committee began the process of building, adding, changing, replacing and discussing to create the website you now see before you.

We believe we have built a modern community based website to be proud of with everything from modern disability access (click here for details) to information of local amenities and services. We even have a section dedicated to local clubs and organisations you can learn about and join.

Finally, we wanted the website to be what you want with information relevant to you (we are aware we may not always get it right!). It is your local website so take a look around and please give us your feedback about what you do and don’t like. If you have a good idea that would work on the site let us know. Maybe you have a photograph you are proud of? Why not share it with others in our gallery section. Send us details about an up and coming event so we can pop it on the events calendar for you. Work with us to keep the site exciting and fresh. Please feel free to contact us with your feedback and information