Burton History Society

The Society was formed in 2001.  It was the brainchild of the late Ron Hornsby who saw it as a reincarnation of the local history society which existed in the village in the 1950s under the leadership of the legendary Harold Dudley.  Originally called BUSLHA (Burton upon Stather Local History Association), this was subsequently shortened to BHS (Burton History Society).

BHS’s interests are wide and we have had much help over the centuries. Francis Amcotts Jarvis, Vicar of St Andrew’s Church from 1882-1921published a book entitled “Burton upon Stather with Flixborough” in 1922 in which he detailed his research not only into the Churches but also into the two Parishes. This book has recently been reprinted  (with several new illustrations ) by BHS member, George Hughes.

WT Armstrong, Vicar 1963-1973, also had an historical interest and produced a pamphlet on the Church of St Andrew in 1970.

A major breakthrough came in 2002 when Ron’s enthusiasm took him down to Westminster Abbey where he stumbled on a set of Manorial Rolls belonging to this village which had lain untouched in the Abbey for centuries.  Over the intervening years BHS has raised enough funds  (with help fro various village charities and the Council) to have the Rolls treated, transcribed and translated.  They cover a period of Medieval life in Burton from 1319 to 1481. BHS members published a book to accompany the Rolls in 2015 entitled  “Burton upon Stather Manorial Rolls 1319-1481.

The Society meets on the first Wednesday of the month at a member’s home. If you are interested in joining us, please contact the Secretary.

For further information, e-mail Burton History Society here

BHS  Chairman –  Trevor Brown
Secretary – Paul Laverack
Treasurer – George Hughes
Publicity – Pat Hornsby