Who can be a Parish Councillor?

Can I be a Parish Councillor?

If you are over 18 years of age, an elector of the parish or live within 3 miles of the parish boundary, then you can stand to become a parish councillor.

What type of people serve on parish councils?

There are hundreds of parish councils throughout the country and councillors are as diverse as the communities they represent. Some councillors stand for election because they are concerned about a local issue. Others may be annoyed due to poor service, whilst others just want to put something back into the community. Most councillors do this work because they can actually make a difference to their community.

Parish Councillors come from all walks of life. Their individual experiences, skills and views make our parish council vibrant and diverse.

Where can I get more information?

Parish Clerk
Telephone: 07982 265914
Email: clerk.buspc@hotmail.co.uk

How long will I serve?

Elections are held every 4 years.

How many councillors are there?

We have 15 councillors including our chairman.

Do I have to belong to a political party?

This is not a requirement as Burton Upon Stather Parish Council is non-political.

How can I see the parish Council at work?

This can be done in a number of ways:

  • Attend a meeting. All meetings are advertised on the parish notice boards and website with a list of dates and locations.
  • View the Parish Council’s website which includes copies of minutes of meetings.
  • Request an information pack from the Parish Clerk. This gives details about the parish council and its role in the community.
  • Talk to an existing parish councillors. If you don’t know one personally then we can introduce you.
  • Look at the Parish Council Newsletters.

How do I get elected?

There are two ways:

  • Elections are held every 4 years. To stand for election you have to complete a nomination paper and return this to the North Lincolnshire Council. The Parish Clerk will give you more information on this.
  •  If a vacancy occurs between elections, then you can apply to join the council. This is known as Co-option. Notification of a vacancy is advertised on the parish notice boards and website.

What would be required of me?

You will be asked to regularly attend monthly parish council meetings that are held on the second Monday each month in the Village Hall.
Councillors have an interest in the community and should be prepared to read documents, agendas, reports and be prepared to consider the community’s needs.
Burton Upon Stather Parish Council prides itself on being a pro-active and dynamic council. It welcomes new ideas and interested people to serve the community.