North Lincolnshire Council (NLC) library service is making some changes to the mobile library schedule that will affect stops within the parish.

As you are no doubt aware, the mobile library visits Burton every Monday. It stops at a number of sites in the village but the majority of its time is spent in the car park of the medical centre on Norfolk Avenue. To alleviate parking congestion at this site the mobile library will, from 10 May 2016, visit the car park on a Tuesday when the medical centre is closed.

NLC has had to make some minor changes to the daily schedule in order to be able to park at the medical centre all afternoon. The new schedule is shown below:

Stop Location Time Duration
1 Barnston Way 10.30—11.00 am 30 mins
2 Stather Road 11.05—11.25 am 20 mins
3 Holme Drive 11.30—11.50 am 20 mins
4 Tee Lane 11.55 am—12.15 pm 20 mins
Lunch 12.20—12.50
5 Medical Centre 1.00—4.30 pm 3 ½ hours
Total service time 5 hours

The new schedule will start in the week beginning 9 May and the first Tuesday visit to the village will therefore be on   10 May.

In order to move the Burton visit day to Tuesday, we have had to swap three Tuesday routes to a Monday service (Burton is unusual in having a weekly service; almost all other villages receive a three-weekly service). One of these is route 12 which serves Normanby. From the week beginning 9 May, therefore, Normanby will receive its mobile library service every third Monday instead of every third Tuesday as at present.

NLC realise that these changes may cause some disruption for some customers but believe that the solution they have come up with is the one that will inconvenience customers least by maintaining a significant presence at the busiest mobile library stop in Burton.

They will of course do their best to ensure that all existing users of the mobile library who are affected by these changes to the schedule are informed in good time.


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