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Parish Council History

Burton Upon Stather, with Normanby and Thealby has had a Parish council since were they formed in England under the Local Government Act in 1894. Since that time minutes of meetings have been recorded and archived. If we take regular parish council meetings along with special meetings such as planning meetings etc, it is reckoned there will be in excess of 1500 sets of minutes, amounting to possibly as much as 5000 individual pages! For the history of village life this is a very interesting archive and a long term goal is to make it accessible by electronic means. As you can imagine this will be a mammoth undertaking an will probably take years to complete. Any volunteers?

Below is a table of past Parish Council Chairpersons. Photographs are in our historical gallery under Burton Parish council hall of fame

ChairpersonServed From:Served To:
H. Allen18941895
H. Allen18951897
T. Marshall18971900
T. Porkess19001904
F. W. Spink19041906
G. Wilkinson19061912
A. G. Wilkes19121913
G. Wilkinson19131918
E. A. Dain19181922
E. Crawshaw19221937
W. G. Pugsley19371940
E. S. Robinson19401952
S. Kitchinson19521956
W. H. Barnes19561961
R. N. Coulthurst19611964
G. W. Robinson MBE19641972
C. W. Fish19721974
C. F. Applewhite19741976
L. E. Waterson19761978
P. B. Hearn19781980
C. F. Applewhite19801982
K. J. Atter19821984
R. B. North19841986
L. E. Waterson19861988
G. W. Robinson MBE19881990
R. J. Coulthurst19901992
G. W. Robinson MBE19921993
C. F. Applewhite19931995
A. F. Porter19951997
J. Billam19971999
E. Marper19992001
K. T. Gray20012003
G. M. Aykroyd20032005
B. Harris20052009
G. Overington20092011
N. Thornes20112013
D. J. Faulks20132015
J. R. K. Mitchell2015-


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